Pardon all my readers (if any) who regularly frequent my site only to find an uninviting, outdated page. The love for blogging seemed to have abandoned me and there was nothing of interest to inspire me to blog, thinking that I wanted to spare my readers of listening to (or reading) my mundane musings.

But upon deeper realization, I found out that there is one thing that I haven’t lost one bit of passion for – food! Hence, I came up with this wonderful idea of frequently updating my blog page to share to my readers some of the latest foodtrip discoveries I have here in my lovely city of Davao. Or, any other place where I happen to stumble upon good, quality cuisines! I am not an expert at culinary cuisines though, save only for the time I spend at home watching Food Network shows. But I will try to provide a fresh insight into the latest culinary destinations in Davao.

I have a few new dining spots I just visited to in Davao, so I am looking forward to writing down my blog and sharing it with everyone. Hope you’ll be there to join me when I finally post my first review! I will also be posting my reviews here, so make sure to check out both sites.