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Spencer Duhm, 19, student is the 5th casualty in Survivor Tocantins.

Spencer Duhm, 19, student is the 5th casualty in Survivor Tocantins.

I was neither a Spencer fan, nor did I hate him from the beginning. However, his not-so-recent boot in Survivor Tocantins’ 5th episode was heartbreaking (not really to the level when it was Brendan who got voted off, but still heartbreaking).Why, you might ask?! I’ve listed my reasons below…

1. Spencer needs to redeem himself. For the first 5 episodes, I don’t believe Spencer has shown exactly what he’s capable of delivering in the game when it comes to competitive aspects. For one, he hasn’t had much share of air-time and the only time he did manage to step into the spotlight was the episode he got voted out. He’s being “gay” held no factor in him being voted off or of his team’s opinion of him, I hope he thinks that way. There was just too much fire in him that I think the show failed to bring out. He might have proved to be an interesting player post-merge. Tsk.

2. JT misjudged the situation. Yeah, he’s the typical alpha male. JT’s overzealous personality tells me he will not go that far into the game (I could be wrong). But Survivor is all about subtlety. You need to know when to pull out your cards, and you do not necessarily need to show off how “good” you are. Sometimes, it’s all about performing well when it matters. Spencer did not perform poorly in the immunity challenge for the episode where he was voted off. (Recap: Spencer went through some major bashing for his “poor” challenge performance because he had to go up against a fairly strong competitor in Tyson. While JT? Don’t even bother asking how well he did against Sierra.)

3. Spencer is a Survivor superfan. He might as well have represented a major demographic of Survivor fans out here, who religiously watch the show on a weekly basis. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s smart. He could have really brought in a lot of strategy into the game.


Randy's furious over the 'fake' idol gaffe

I wish there was a better way to describe Randy’s exit in Survivor. If you’re such a fan of this show, then you’d probably know about the monumental blunder that involved the hidden immunity idol, which is what Jeff Probst himself described to be one of the smartest elements they have included in the game. The power that is within the immunity idol can be overwhelming sometimes that having it can either be advantageous or disadvantageous to the person concerned. However, when a ‘fake’ idol is involved, it’s an entirely different story. 😀

For all we thought, players have learned from the ranks of Jamie Dugan (Survivor China) and Jason Siska (Survivor Micronesia). Humorous as it is, I felt for Randy when Jeff announced the idol he thought could save him in the game was a fake one. Randy’s face was all red when Jeff tossed the ‘fake idol’ into the fire and said that all votes against Randy will count.

I mean, this was supposed to be a look-back of Episode 10 but the scene during tribal council alone has managed to overshadow all other events that transpired that night.

Oh well, Kenny’s impressive win during the IC was deserving of mention since it was one of the tightest and most exciting challenge so far in this season. In the back of my mind, I was actually hoping that Matty wouldn’t win that one, at least to take away the idea of him being a threat during the challenges, and consequently a lesser target for the boot.

Back to the tribal, Randy’s arrogance served him right. Hate to be rude, but this is one of the most satisfying votes for the season (for me, at least).